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UPF Information

Need to know if a 40 or 50 UPF rating is better? Or what is it all means. The below should help.

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In Australia people with unprotected fair skin can receive enough UVR (ultra violet radiation) to cause a sunburn in about fifteen minutes.

So, covering up can make a real difference.

For example, wearing a long sleeve shirt with a UPF rating of 40 will reduce solar UVR exposure to the skin beneath the garment by a factor of 40. This means a UPF 40 fabric will only allow one fortieth of the UVR to pass through it.

The below Australian & New Zealand standard advises how fabrics are tested and assigned a UPF rating and protection category. So, the difference between 40 and 50? It’s small and the standard classifies this entire group as providing Excellent sun protection.


Fabric are tested then classified

This UPF rating is for the fabric and does not address the amount of protection which is afforded by the design of the article. The manipulations involved in garment manufacture such as stretching and sewing may lower the UPF of the material.

Articles which have been designed to cover the maximum area of the body are recommended. The protection offered by this item may be lessened:

1. At points where the fabric is in close contact with the skin such as across the shoulders;

2. If the fabric is stretched;

3. If the fabric is wet; and

4. With time, due to the effects of normal wear.

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