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Size Chart

ELEVEN Workwear 

Your standard retail size should be the size you need in ELEVEN Workwear.
Generally workwear is a slightly more generous fit to what you find in retail however the size you need shouldn't change. 

Women's Sizing Note:
Shop your normal retail size. If you normally wear a size 12 then a 12 in ELEVEN Workwear will be the size you need. 


How to measure

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Fitting Notes

Workwear garments tend to be a generous fit, to allow you to work comfortably in them.
As a general note, you should be able to buy your standard workwear size and find the ELEVEN Workwear garments fit well.
# If you prefer a neater/leaner fit in your Shirts, Polo, Jackets or Jumpers then review your measurements against the size chart and consider moving down a size, especially if you are that the lower end of a size measurement i.e. if your chest is 103cm which is a L size, then you can consider buying a size M which would provide you leaner fit.

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